Susieshemp offers a personal and discreet service for those who require CBD products,
suited for alternative ways of living.

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Likewise, you may just require a little advice or information on CBD here at Susieshemp.

The website has been specifically formatted for you, the customer.
With this purpose in mind, Susieshemp is a clean font for light reading without too much overwhelming information.

If you are curious about cannabis and want to find out more about the possible benefits of CBD this could be the place for you!

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Come and join us in our passionate community to see what flavas are happening! However if it’s only information you want on available CBD products, links or packages, that’s fine too!

Susieshemp derives from personal recommendations,
projecting only with those close within the cannabis industry,
which is really exciting!

This also means all sorts of goodies get filtered through too!
So watch this space!

This is part of Susieshemps service to you!

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You can check out Susieshemp CBD Patchesif you like!

Find out more about possible benefits of using CBD Patches too in our blogs.

Looking for a CBD Oil?

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If you are looking for quality CBD Oils then head over to our Kannaway or Maxx4 pages and check out their amazing CBD products! They come highly recommended at reasonable prices!

Alternatively if you are looking for good value CBD products, find a wide range here.

Please note: These products are not a medicine and not intended to cure, diagnose or treat any disease. 

Ask your doctor for advice before changing your diet or medication.

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Thank you to those who have supported Susieshemp!
You know who you are!
Without you, I’d never had gotten this far!

Bless you!


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